home buying 1 home buying 2 home buying 3 Buying a home can sometimes feel like an amusement park adventure. When visiting an amusement park, especially for the first time, you will need a map. This allows you to become educated and form a plan for your day. Then, once you embark on your adventure, all kinds of emotions are sure to come up- fun, excitement, laughter, tears, frustration, fear and more! But ultimately, you will create unforgettable memories with the friends and family who join you on the journey.

I am here to guide you through the adventure of purchasing your new home. With every one of my new clients, I begin the process by sitting down and having an open conversation about the needs, wants and expectations for their home buying experience. I always like to ask my clients, what am I here to help you with? This lets us set expectations and goals that we can both strive for along the way. Because ultimately, you decide the pace of your journey, not me.

I always take the time to listen to you when it comes to finding your dream home. Education, communication and collaboration are key to our shared success. Together, we can focus on your individual values, lifestyle and needs to locate the perfect home for you or your family. As we work together in this process, you can rest assured that your calls and emails will always be answered in a timely manner.

I have been a part of this family-owned business that has been active in this community for 28 years. I was born in Madison and raised around the real estate business all my life! Real Estate isn’t what I do, it’s who I am. I truly believe that my passion and excitement for all my clients is unmatched by any other realtor! I love getting to know my clients as we go through the roller coaster ride of home buying, as I have made lifelong friends in the process. So, whether you’ve been through the amusement adventure before or it’s your first time on this scary ride, I’m here to be your map.